Richard & Katrine - Engaged, now married

A month before our big day we came to see Sandra to help us understand the unexpected things we will be encountering as we enter the life of a married couple. During our session we've learned that "LOVE" has 5 different languages and communication is the key to a successful marriage. Sandra was very understanding when we were talking about our differences as a couple and she helped us work them through by being honest and by being more open with each other. Our expectations are definitely met and we are so pleased and very blessed that we've learned how to use these tips to work out our relationship and lead towards to a happy and long lasting marriage. So once again thank you so much.

Ronit & Caitlin - Engaged, now married

You've blessed us SO much and as cliche' as it sounds we'll be forever grateful for this short season we had with you as our incredible marriage coach! We want to thank you for all that you have imparted into our lives. You've encouraged us individually and as a couple and we have grown and learnt so much from your genuineness. You have given us the hope we needed to believe we can have a beautiful, successful marriage.

L.M - Sydney, NSW

You just blew my mind! I have always assumed sharing tough times was draining for the other person and such a downer, which would lead people not wanting to be friends with me. Now I'll stop apologising so much and feeling insecure that I'll be "dropped". Thank you!!!

N.B - Sydney, NSW

One word... no, make that two words... THANK YOU!

S.M - Glenhaven, NSW

After talking to you, I felt at ease because you brought a calm to the storm. I felt confident to walk out to the water and you were able to facilitate a change in my life. My self confidence and understanding of who I am has increased. You are a grounding force and this makes you a great life coach.

R.H - Copacabana, NSW

You are and always will be a great coach. Thank you!

D.C - Katoomba, NSW

Thank you so much for today. I got a lot out of it. You're a natural.