An email reached my inbox today from a website I follow called “Unbox love” and the subject line This love story changed my life, now I want it to change yours… caught my attention and I hope it not only catches yours but it inspires you like it did me.

As I continued through the email, I read the story of a couple called Ty and Terri, who had been interviewed for a podcast a few years ago, and who passed away in a tragic car accident just last week. My heart felt a pang of pain. I continued reading and as the author of the email poured out his heart of how impacted he was meeting this couple, my heart hurt some more for the loss of two amazing legends of faith, family and marriage. At the bottom of the email was a link to a blog Nate (the author of the email) had written as an open letter to Ty and Terri AND he generously included the links to their podcast. Oh my goodness what gold they shared!! Please do yourselves a favour and listen to this passionate couple by clicking on here

I’ve spent the majority of my afternoon listening to them, reading their blogs on their own website and have wondered how I’m only coming across their paths now that they have left this earth.

My heart is inspired and challenged more than ever to create a marriage that is centered on what I can bring to Matt and his life rather than what he can give me. I want to be more intentional in my marriage, by overcoming hurts and issues. I want to work on my own heart so that it is healthy because healthy people have healthy marriages. I want to lavishly love on my husband. I want to bring him only good. I want to care about him more than I care about me. I want to have and show deep respect to him and for him. At the end of Matt’s life, I want him to be able to say that I was the greatest earthly blessing to him. I want to be the biggest flirt with my husband. I want to be able to say that every year we have grown in our emotional intimacy with each other because we were masters of resolving conflict well. I want Matt to know that I am a better me because of how he’s loved me and I want to ensure he is a better man because of how I’ve loved him. I want our marriage to be vaccinated from infidelity because of the way we love each other. That Matt’s YES is for me and all other women are NO. I want our sexual intimacy to be medicinal, fun and the best gift we can give to one another. I want forgiveness to be a lifestyle and a choice we choose in all relationships. I want there to be a vision for our marriage and fidelity fences which build purpose and security into our lives. I want our children to benefit from our healthy marriage.

Thank you Ty and Terri for carving out such a marriage as this and for your passion to create a “Marriage Movement”  filled with couples who are willing to do the hard work required to have an amazing marriage. Although we won’t meet this side of eternity, I’m putting my hand up to say YES, I will be a part of this movement and I will build, esteem, respect, honour and put my husband first so that our marriage may stand the test of time, ’til death do us part. AND I will do my part to support, come along side, encourage and build into other marriages too! It’s my purpose and my passion. 


[photo courtesy of Hope-filled Marriage Website)

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  • NB September 3, 2015   Reply →

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m inspired to adopt these into my marriage as well. x

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