Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you had a MARRIAGE CHECK UP ?


Whether you’ve been married for three years or thirty years, everyone’s marriage is going to go through times where communication has broken down, intimacy is waning (or non-existent) and where resentments can creep in like an unwanted house mate.

It’s NEVER too late to clear the board and start again (and I don’t mean go out and find another spouse!). I totally believe in the ability to CREATE the marriage you truly want.

With a little bit of effort on both sides and a foundation of good will towards each other, I have found that marriages CAN be turned around, that connection CAN be regained and a new desire for each other CAN be awakened.

A few simple yet profound changes worked for my marriage so I know they CAN work for yours!

With tools gathered from PREPARE/ENRICH course, we will explore where you are currently situated on your ‘marriage map’ and with a new sense of awareness, you will be equipped so that…

  • Together you will strengthen communication skills.
  • Together you will learn how to resolve conflict effectively and reduce stress.
  • Together you will establish achievable personal, couple and family goals.

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