While working my way through my assessment paper and Life Coaching course, I struggled to find a name for my business that I felt was authentic to me. I had purchased a huge assortment of domain names including things like “buildingbettermarriages.com” and “makingmarriagesworkandwin.com.au” and “marriedonpurpose.com” in a desperate attempt to lock in a name. I even purchased “sandradenton.com.au” thinking that perhaps that would do for now, all the while not feeling like it was right either as I’ve never wanted this to be about me.

A few days after a compulsory marketing training weekend, I was feeling despondent and filled with self-doubt and was using all of my self-coaching tools to try to reframe the experience I had with the weekend.

In the wee hours of a morning not long after, I woke from a dream where I had a beautiful baby girl. She was so smart and bright and curious about everything and far beyond the normal “milestones” for a newborn baby. I watched in awe at everything she was doing and I was SO in love with her.

I was stuck though and really couldn’t think of a girl’s name I liked, except Madison. I knew I couldn’t call her that because I have a daughter with that name already and I love it. I had decided the middle name would be “ATLAS” and Madi (because she appeared in my dream all of a sudden) told me that was a great name. I decided in my dream I didn’t need a first name right at that moment anyway and so I continued to enjoy watching the progress of that little baby girl.

I woke up with feelings of love and pride and I was actually sad that I was no longer in that dream as I loved this baby so much.

As I went on my usual morning walk, I pondered the dream and relived the positive feelings I had felt and thought about how much I wished I had a new baby girl. It was then that I felt in my heart these words, “But you do have a new baby, your business.” The dream, the feelings and everything I had been experiencing was the birth of my “new baby”, my new business, which too was in its new born stages.

I marveled at my dream.

I marveled at my new business.

I decided to look up “ATLAS” in the dictionary when I returned home from my walk and one of the meanings is this: A person who supports a heavy burden; a mainstay. In Greek mythology, ATLAS was “condemned” to hold the sky, or the world, forever.

That’s what it’s all about. Supporting a heavy burden people may be feeling in their marriage, while they work out and sort through issues that need addressing. I believe I can do that!

For a little while after the dream though, I didn’t think ATLAS would be the “right” kind of name for a marriage coaching business as I had been taught that the “problem” and the “solution” needed to be included in the domain name. So I affectionately called my business ATLAS in my heart. That was until a brunch with some forward thinking, no BS speaking women I love to see every few months or so. One such woman is my friend Sam, who was one of my bridesmaids back in the day and has an appreciation of who I am as a person. Sam is a branding Queen with a sharp, insightful mind and whom I LOVE to spend time with as she increases my capacity to dream WAY beyond what my mind can imagine.

As I told Sam about my dream and about ATLAS before I could finish, she grabbed my forearm, held out her arms and said, “That’s the name of your business.” She explained she had chills down both arms and when I tried to explain that I LOVED ATLAS as a name but didn’t know if it was suitable for a marriage coaching business, she calmly eyeballed me and told me that kind of “marketing/thinking” was dated and brash, “ATLAS is the name for your business.” My immediate response, “It is isn’t it?” She only had to nod. I was relieved, joyful and excited all in one. I knew Sam was right. And so Atlas&Co was officially my business name that afternoon.

I love this new venture and am proud of it as well as being excited for its potential. I’ve taken those feelings I woke up with and will apply them to my new baby business – perhaps ATLAS is prophetic for how many people she will reach.

And like with every new born, it requires love and nurture and a belief in it’s potential.

I can and will do that.




(11 February, 2015)